Humaira Abid

Humaira Abid is a contemporary artist from Pakistan who works with wood. Her recent work combines traditional miniature painting with wood sculpture. Her work examines women’s roles, relationships, and taboos from a cross-cultural perspective. Abid’s work has been exhibited and published internationally.

Abid fearless in passion for art

Alia Marsha I entered through the front door of Humaira Abid’s Renton residence and saw hundreds of red pacifiers, red little girl’s shoes, and luggages and backpacks immediately. Her family must be home, I thought. I hope they would be OK with a stranger asking invasive questions to Abid while they eat dinner.

Visualising taboo: Emerging Pakistani sculptor Humaira Abid – interview

Art Radar speaks with the artist from her Seattle base, discussing how her most intimate experiences are being fleshed out in mahogany, pine and ebony. Humaira Abid (b. 1977) graduated with a BFA in Sculpture and a double minor in Miniature from Pakistan’s National College of Arts Lahore in 2000.

इंडिया आर्ट फ़ेयर की रंग बिरंगी झलकियां – BBC हिंदी

दिल्ली में आठवां इंडिया आर्ट फ़ेयर शुरू हो चुका है. ख़ास बात ये है कि पाकिस्तान, बांग्लादेश और नेपाल इसमें पहली बार शामिल हो रहे हैं. 28 से 31 जनवरी के बीच कला प्रेमियों को एक ही छत के नीचे कई कलाकारों की कला देखने को मिल रही है.

The Lineup

Portraits by Kelly O painter, sculptor Two years ago, after moving to Seattle from Lahore, Pakistan, your first solo show was about your miscarriages. Were you afraid to be so public? I don’t know why I have this personality, but whatever people don’t want to talk about, I want to bring it up.

Using Art To Illuminate The Taboo Of Miscarriage

The International Museum of Women recently asked its global online audience to vote for its favorite piece of community art on the subject of motherhood. The finalists were selected from 600 global submissions, all designed to illuminate our understanding of what it means to be a mother today.

With knives and hammers, Pakistani sculptor chisels away at taboos for women

Humaira Abid is a sculptor and painter. Based in the Seattle area, she spends several months out of each year in Lahore, Pakistan, where she grew up and still maintains her main studio. Her work is a reflection of her experiences in both countries.

Unspeakable Leaking

Continuing the cavalcade of great shows by female artists this month-including Elena del Rivero at Lawrimore Project and Melissa Pokorny at Platform Gallery-is Pakistani-born Humaira Abid’s stunning collection of carved-wood sculptures and intricate drawings, Red, at ArtXchange.

The many shades of red

ISLAMABAD: Sculptor Humaira Abid made a bold statement with her exhibition titled Red, which opened Khaas gallery on Thursday. Truly successful in what she aimed to achieve, the exhibition invoked discomfort and melancholy. The artist drew inspiration from her own personal life in which she suffered multiple miscarriages and the violence in Pakistani society and drew parallels between the two.

Review: Seattle sculptor Humaira Abid blends dazzling craft, potent content in ‘Red’

Seattle sculptor Humaira Abid packs a visceral punch with the content of her new show at ArtXchange Gallery. Share story Humaira Abid can make wood look as flexible as a rubber hot-water bottle or as hard as a cast-iron faucet. She can make it curve and curl – or turn into shoes and shoelaces.

Gary Faigin: Sculptures That Cut Through Our Defenses

Sometimes it’s hard to relate to someone else’s suffering, but even an experience that seems far removed from your own can feel immediate and powerful through art. Local critic Gary Faigin finds that experience in the work of Humaira Abid, a Pakistani American artist who spends about six months of

Humaira Abid at ArtXchange Gallery – March 2011

Humaira Abid is a Pakistani artist who spends half the year in Seattle. Her first Seattle show opens a window on the world of the modern woman in a vast, embattled Islamic nation that while often in the American news, is little understood.

Spring 2015 Art Walk Award Finalists

On Thursday, April 9, our Art Walk Awards are returning once again to Capitol Hill’s Sole Repair. Come drink, dance and vote! (And RSVP here.) The three artworks that bring in the most votes will receive cash prizes ($1,000 first place, $500 second place, $250 third place) and the first-place artwork will be featured in the June issue of City Arts magazine.

Flights of Fantasy | Newsline

If we follow the premise that each generation has to discover its own formula of expression, then young sculptor Humaira Abid has certainly struck some new chords. Her recent exhibition titled “Inner Concerto”, on show at Canvas last month, had all the lilt and exuberance of a lively, inventive young mind.